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In the ultimate act of social hypocrisy, pulling an SJW (short for social justice warrior) is the act of participating in social justice movements for the purpose of masking ones own societal abuses, in order to present the image of justice without actually contributing to it. Most likely to be perpetrated by feminists of the intersectionality variety, but really anyone can pull an SJW if they act like a beacon of social progress in their community, all the while spending time in their private lives being the perpetrators of the very abuse they claim to fight.
It really sucks having to live in a world where all of these social justice warriors go out and vandalize property in the name of communism, only to then go and buy a moca vente frappucino at Starbucks while texting on their iPhones. Talk about pulling an SJW.
by galacticSpyglass May 21, 2018
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