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-when someone does something really annoying and pisses the living hell out of your penis.
-when someone follows you and your friends around everywhere, and you're just too nice to tell them to fuck off
-when someone shows up places (usually parties) when they weren't invited, get really drunk, and your boyfriend ends up giving them a ride home, just becuase he's too nice to say no
-the total pulling a faye, is when after the party, your boyfriend is driving that certain someone home, and they ask him to go through the drive-thru, and instead of saying fuck off(!!!!) he does it. Sometimes they even make him pay for whatever they ordered! :o.
"Hey Mikki (you soo fine), what's Kate doing here? Did you invite her?"
"Kutas, did you invite her?"
"FUCK NO! She's going to pull a faye. Proly will ask your bf to drive her home, give him head, and make him pay for her McFlurry."
by Babooshkaa February 02, 2007
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