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to stomp a worthless retarded dog to death for 3 hours straight till it is a bloody pile of pulp
Yea Matt puggle stomp that bitch!
by Matt Kuhns April 24, 2008
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- Verb -
To Stomp a creature into a bloody pulp. The process takes roughly 3 Hours. Starts with a traditional stomping: Raise Foot, Lower Foot Onto Creatures Face. Followed by a line of consecutive thrashings such as: Ceiling fan treatment, a 20 minuet Swirly, 'The Stick', an Attack From "Bear Pack", a decent Egging, 200 lbs of teenage kid falling from the sky landing on your head.
The only creature to survive said thrashing is the Puggle. hence the name Puggle Stomp, for the only way to survive is to become a puggle and take it like a man.
To Show you hate someone -
Yeah Matt Puggle Stomp That Bitch!

To Show you love someone-
Yeah Matt Lets still puggle stomp that bitch!
by Tyler 'Newb' B. May 15, 2008
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