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(pe´ d sh) To pudsch is to do anything. Pudsch can be substituted for any word
Pudsch tom, how ya been?

I'd like to pudsch that fine ass bitch.

I'll meet you guys in the car, I gotta go take a pudsch.

Lets go back to my place and smoke some pudsch.
by C.Hunk May 05, 2007
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(v) to pudsch - word subsitute used for anything overly vulgar, inappropriate, or just plain dumb that absolutely must be proclaimed in the presence of children, family, bible-beaters, and/or significant others that simply would not understand.
"Pudsch! Bitch! Pudsch!"
"I was Pudsching this bitch when my mayonaise came flying as I choicefully neglected to pull out."
"Oops! I pudsched that bitch up!"
"Hey Tom, that Arab smells like they pudsched their pants or rolled in pudsch or something!"
Let's go pudsch something awesome like...
a) throw cats off an overpass into oncoming traffic
b) throw used condoms on the most walked trail in town
c) sit around playing video games, smoking pot or talking about smoking pot without pot.
d) put on a pair of depends, shit yourself, then light it on fire and place it carefully on your parents doorstep.

P.S. Always wash your hands after Pudsching anything.
by Tom and Sean February 21, 2008
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