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It's a very difficult procedure of putting a Microchip within the nut sac with lights placed in it. So when it is inserted into the scrotum it lights up like a Christmas tree. The cords have to be plugged up to batteries which have to be placed within your anus in order for it to work. When the process is done the "pubitronic nut sac" will only be completed when the scrotum lights up and The pubic hairs reflect the light making it a true "pubitronic nut sac"
Bill: dude when ever i dont have a flashlight i find it very difficult to look through the dark in the woods to get to bi-lo.
Fred: Well dude when im chillin with the bros in the tree house and it becomes night time, I use my pubitronic nut sac to see my way Home.
by my own dad February 15, 2010
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