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Drinking game based in St.Albans and involving the well liked beverage called "JagerMeister".


1. One shot minimum in each pub/bar/wherever

2. We have to go to every pub/bar in St. Albans.

3. You’re not allowed to pull a face after doing a shot

4. You can’t use the toilet in any establishment until you have done the Jager.

5. The following excuses for being more drunk than other people are the only ones acceptable:
"I have been drinking more” (This excuse must be validated by 2 senior Pub Meister players, i.e James and Emma)
"I am a pansy lightweight" (This will then be written on the offenders body in eyeliner, in a clearly visible location)

6. Glasses should be held with the off-hand (left hand for a right-hander) with the pinkie raised off the glass.

7. If you’re sick, the act must not be witnessed by any other members of the team. 2 shots of Jager must be done ASAP after the before mentioned act, to replace lost units.

8. A drink is called a ‘beverage’; if anyone says the word drink throughout the night then he/she will have to immediately do a shot.

9. Each person will have a 'buddy' who will be responsible for keeping tabs on them and keeping their total score of Jager based beverages. Buddies will be randomly assigned to prevent favouritism and leniency. Attempts to blackmail your ‘buddy’ will result in a 2 shot penalty.

10. (This is a rule that only begins once each participant has had a total of 5 shots of jager)

Renegade Meister:
When the Renegade Meister stands up and says “Dance once again like the Renegade Meister” and stands in a cheesy dance pose, you must for your own cheesy position as soon as possible. The last person, as judged by the Renegade Meister, to freeze is then given a penalty and takes over the role of Renegade Meister.
EMMA "Shall we go out for work drinks on Friday evening?"

J "Lets! Shall we make a night of it and play Pub Meister?"

EMMA "A splendid idea, let me organise it with the rest of our possy".
by JamesJJames July 28, 2008
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