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Definition: noun; Derogatory phrase used to describe an online gamer who maintains above-averge scores in public play, but only average or sub-average scores in organized, competitive play.

Background: As with any isolated subculture, the online gaming community (espically those of half-life related mods) has developed its own uniqie and esoteric vernacular, likely to leave outsiders(see: noob)baffled. The term itself, comprised of the juxtaposition of two separate instances of online gaming terminology, will only be found in the upper echelons of the competitive online gaming communtiy.

The word "Pub," not to be confused with a residence wherein alcoholic beverages are sold, is an abbreviation of the word "Public." This is a direct reference to Public gaming servers, i.e. gaming servers that are open for any member of the public to join and leave freely. One can now see how the term "pub" found its way into "pub allstar", as it is only in Public servers that the pub allstar excelles, not in real matches.
john: dark, get aids
-D4rk_L0rd_M4573R-: stfu dont talk shit chekc my ratio nub lol
john: proud you can facerape cs retail pubs? blow me you pub allstar
by Tark Mwain May 28, 2004
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