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A flower found in the Hawaiian islands but also available by some mainland florists.
Puakenikeni flowers, found on bushes or trees mainly in the Pacific Islands, are most often used to make leis (flower necklaces).
The translation of puakenikeni literally means, 'ten-cent flower' because its blooms were once strung and sold as ten-cent leis!
It has a strong, sweet smell that might remind one's nose of gardenia.
The puakenikeni's colour can range anywhere from white-ish yellow to orange or even to gold.

It is also the title of one of Nicole Scherzinger's (from the Pussycat Dolls) songs. Essentially she's talking about how to get a guy by using her puakenikeni (flower). Pretty sure she's not talking about the kind that grows on a tree!
Islander: Happy birthday, here you go.
Mainlander: Aw, it's so beautiful. What is it?
Islander: A puakenikeni lei.

Nicole Scherzinger:
Don't you wanna pick my puakenikeni?
Don't you wanna pick my puakenikeni?
Don't you wanna kiss me in my red bikini?
Nothing's sweeter than my puakenikeni.
by sswinder November 25, 2007
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