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A poser idiot who attacks people on social media, inflating statements/reactions in an attempt to further incite a social media showdown.

A pseudotough dickwad attacks others for their personal beliefs, opinions, race, place of origin, sexual orientation, sexual preference, etc.

He’s tough behind a keyboard but truly is a pussy in real life.

Or any tattooed, generic, idiot with names like Justin/Taylor Who so obviously have a scorching case of little penis syndrome.
Mentally and emotionally stable person: “Don’t be bitter, it is unhealthy for you.”

pseudotough dickwad response: “God for bid you share your bitterness and hatred of the world blah blah blah, look at this bitch blah blah blah, toughen up buttercup, life is hard blah blah blah.” ****Has no real life experiences.

little Penis syndrome, dickwad, asshat, assclown, dumbass, pseudotough dickwad
by FeatherD November 22, 2017
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