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When a politcal organization or it's supporters do faulty misleading reasearch and then present it to the public as a fact.
Nowadays Coporations who wish to discredit solid scientific reasearch that might hurt their profits will employ this tactic.
Pesudo facts involve Cherry-picking edvidence, and creating rigged experiments that can confuse or mislead people.
Corporations that see the recognition of Golbal Warming as a threat to their company's profits will employ pseudo facts to confus the public
by ????^_^???? October 25, 2006
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A pseudofact is a piece of information that, despite being completely false, is far more interesting than the equivalent correct information. Because pseudofacts are more interesting, they are more likely to get repeated. This results in people who believe them because it's what their friends and family has always told them. This belief is often strong enough to ward off solid evidence of the contrary.
Priest: Masturbation will make you go blind.
John: That's a pseudofact. I've been doing it for years, and I can see just fine.

Doctor: You should drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day.
Patient: Bull, that's a pseudofact. We get almost all the water we need in the food we eat.

Kristen: That moon has phases because it's partially behind the earth's shadow. That's what my teacher taught me.
Eric: No, that's a pseudofact. The moon has phases because of the angle between it, us, and the sun.

Republican: Obama's health care bill will create Death Panels.
Democrat: That's a pseudofact. The bill would just pay for discussions with doctors about things like living wills.

Any urban legend is a pseudofact.
by Mythological Beast November 07, 2009
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