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A person who pretends to be bisexual because it is considered cool, for general attention seeking, or to specifically gain social status.

Predominantly low IQ women, too thick to realise that they are selling out hard-fought gender equality in order to fulfil their selfish personal sense of competition in a male dominated society.
Guy: OMG, those chicks are making out! Man, I love bisexual chicks. They're so HOT!

Girl: They're not REAL bisexuals, they're PSEUDO bisexuals. They're just doing it for male attention.

Guy: How do you know?

Girl: Rick fell for it and dated one of them, thinking he would get a threesome out of it. After 3 months, he realised it was never going to happen and dumped her. She told everyone what an asshole he was, but seriously, what did she expect? You can't bait a guy with bisexuality if you're not willing to eat pussy!

Guy: Ah well, doesn't bother me, I still like watching girls making out!

Girl: Of course you do... But while you men are busy ogling over dumb sluts, the intelligent women are reshaping society. With the progress being made in genetic engineering and technology, pretty soon men will be redundant, especially idiots who fall for this shit!
by Consonance March 06, 2011
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