People who stood in line to purchase PS3's so that they could resell them on ebay. This prevented people who really wanted them for their kids for Christmas from buying them locally.
Hey! Look at those 200 PS3 niggers standing in line to buy the 15 PS3's that Walmart has. PS3 niggers must suck at math!

Look at those PS3 niggers pissing and shitting their pants because they don't want to lose their place in line!

Look at all those PS3's on ebay for 1,000,000 dollars each! What a bunch of PS3 niggers!

PS3 Nigger: Hey lookie here Jed, I sold a year's supply of welfare cheese and am going to buy this here PS3 and resell it on ebay for 1 million dollars! Think how much beer and cigarettes I can buy then!
by Flubba bubba boo December 20, 2006
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