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Car with automatic transmission. Also the selector in such a car

A car can be a prundler even though it might not have the traditional automatic transmission with torque converter. Any DSG, CVT, Hybrid that has a fully automatic mode for changing gear is a prundler.

Any car (usually electric) with fixed-ratio transmission is also a prundler.

To not be a prundler a car would need at least two forward gear ratios that can only be selected manually.

From PRNDL -> PRNDLer -> PRuNDLer
(referring to the car itself)
Would you believe it, that Peugeot 407 is a prundler, look inside!

So there I was trundling along in my prundler...

(refering to the car part)
The prundler in my car is broken and now its stuck in reverse
by towel406 June 21, 2011
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