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A very small, very white, very catholic college in the ghettos of providence. 95% of students are carbon-copies of one another, not that that's a bad thing. they are generally attractive, white, upper middle class, moderately intelligent, with a super-human capacity for alcohol. fake ids are used more than school ids, and every day of the week has its designated drinking locale. oh, and also, there's a pretty decent basketball team.
Where do you go to school?
BC? Oh, that's a good school.
No, i said PC. Providence College.
Hmm, that's a good time up there, huh? (followed by winking, and nudging with elbow)
by preppyPCalum October 08, 2005
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A lovely college in rhode island, it is known for it's high class people and the fact that all of them are exactly the same. the population tends to consist mainly of white, upper class, prep school graduates. Many of these individuals are still in that high school buzz where they believe that everyone is as in love with them as they are. they don't all seem to know that the majority of the other people they meet find them to be pretentious, priveleged, snobby, uptight, boring, and all around lame human beings, but that's ok, because their at PROVIDENCE COLLEGE!!!!. the rest of the population, i respect you and wish you luck in hell.
rodger williams student: "hey didja see that group of Providence College kids last night?"
RIC student: "yeah, they were bad people."
URI student: "i think i might go bury myself because i know that people that miserable really do exist."
by Joseph Kangaroo October 23, 2011
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