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1. A men's style of dress that strikes a balance between casual and dressy and is decidedly classic, understated and non-trendy. It usually includes some combination of the following:

- a tweed, houndstooth or camelhair jacket; a long raincoat worn over one of the former
- a chunky wool sweater, preferably made in the british isles
- a wool turtleneck
- plaid slacks, corduroy pants, jeans

- dress shoes or boots

Can be complimented by glasses and/or a restrained jewfro. One does not need to be a professor to embrace this style, and it is usually more effective in garnering compliments if worn by someone who is not a professor. The look is an homage to Donald Sutherland's style in many of his 70s film roles including Klute and Don't Look Back.
WOMAN: "With so many little beard-boys here tonight, it sure is nice to see a gentleman in professorial chic. Maybe sometime you can teach me a lesson..."

MAN: "Later, at my place."
by Waddy Wendell January 16, 2014
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