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A professionalite is a socialite of the professional networking world. A person who seamlessly marries their professional and social life. They are well known and respected on the networking scene and in the office. They are sometimes referred to as connectors. A professionalite can be sloppy drunk and still remember to get your business card; although they usually have a freakishly high tolerance to alcohol. They know everyone, and if they don't know who you are talking about they will find them online before the conversation is over. They have few friends that they don't do some sort of business with. They are known to be members of many industry organizations and are actually active in them. A professionalite never has a resume, as they make it their mission to be sure everyone has heard of them and knows their career history and accomplishments. They know who's leaving a firm before it happens, so they can easily position themselves for the opportunity or pass the information along to their friends. They routinely attend 3 or more networking events a week. A seasoned professionalite never wears a name tag.
DC is full of young professionals who drone on about their jobs, but I am a professionalite, I drone while I drink 5 nights a week.
by DCkeisha February 09, 2011
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