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(pro - KWOLL) adj. - Used to describe anything that is not only gnarly, sick, tight, rad, or far out, but also polished or perfected beyond the norm for the context in which it appears; AND/OR items of unordinarily high durability or performance. May be used as an adverb akin to "mad" or "extremely", but only when the adjective it qualifies refers to something that could be described as pro qual. When used as an adverb, it can come after the word is modifies if doing so makes it the last word in a phrase.
Noice, dude, that move was pro qual!

Sheeeit, this wrench is pro qual.

Did you see the star wars fan film that one guy made? It was pro qual slick.

That last set was the joint pro qual, man.
by ill jasper November 02, 2011
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