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A prison fluffer is an inmate who has just been anally raped by another inmate. The dominate inmate, not wanting to go back to his cell with shit on his dick (who does??) will force the raped inmate to lick the shit of off. The raped inmate will cry and complain incessantly, but secretly hope that the raping inmate will get hard again during the cleaning process so he will get as raped again. Since having a dick in his ass is the only time the victimized inmate feels like he has any purpose on this planet, he will do an extra fine job during the cleaning process.
Bubba: Hey accountant, you got shit on my junk. We are not done yet, turn around and lick this crap off.

Accountant: *crying, sniffling* You've put me through enough, just leave me alone.

Bubba: Not gonna happen prison fluffer, get on with it or get a beating.

Accountant: *continues crying, starts licking and secretly hoping for round 2*
by Construction Guy December 23, 2013
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