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This asshole is from Baldi’s Basics, that popular game that makes you shit your pants, this principal adds more to it, he has some asshole lines like: “NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS” “NO DRINKING DRINKS IN THE HALLS” “NO EATING FOOD IN THE HALLS” “NO ENTERING SCHOOL FACULTY ONLY ROOMS IN THE HALLS” etc etc, hes a fat cunt
*Running from baldi so he cant spank yo ass*

Principal Of the thing:No running in the halls!

You: Shit

*Principalcatches you and you see baldi look through the window with a rapist smile on his face*

Principal: No being in detention in the halls! 754566 Years, detention for you

*Baldi comes in and turns your ass into mashed potatoes*
by SR PELO IS A BOI June 15, 2018
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