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Real name Vincent Gallo. See him on IMDB.
CA-RAZY nucca who made that Brown Bunny movie, and sells his semen. He's a hooker. He said for a million dollars, he'll have sex with a girl. But he's racist. Yet he was a B-boy and battle-rapped Ice T. Breakdancing Pioneer. Talks like a little white girl with braces. Looks as if he's 20, but is 44. This is completely true. I'm not lying. This guy is crazy, yet GENIUS. Except for the racist shit, that just ain't cool. PEACE.
Me: DAY-UM! Look at dat crazy nucca, Prince Vince. What a manwhore!
Josh: Trudat. Trudat.
Me: Fo sho.
by funkfunk April 13, 2006
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