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A popular drinking game founded at University College Dublin, Dublin's Roebuck Hall. The game involves a deck of fifty-two cards with no jokers and a maximum of three players (two must be of the female anatomy). Most skilled players commence the game with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least .15. Cards are spread over a wooden table, face down, in a mild circular fashion. In a clockwise manner contestants draw from the pile, flipping their card in the process. If the card is either a face card (Jack, Queen, King or Ace) or any prime number (2,3,5,7)* the contestant must take a drink that lasts at minimum one second (of legitimate drinking) of a drink of their choice which must contain an alcohol content of 4.3% by volume or higher. The game continues until all cards have been drawn.

*There are more prime numbers in the number line, but the ones mentioned are the only ones in an official American deck of cards.
I got so wasted last night after playing primes and faces that I hooked up with Brian Corrigan.
by Juicy Meat February 18, 2008
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