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Prettybeast can often be defined in several different ways. However, this word is most commonly defined in the Urban Culture as a word of pure rawness.

Used a slang to describe the following words:
highly skilled, lyrically inclined, stylish, different and hot
Example 1: Yo Prahmiss is PrettyBeast, her rhymes are raw.

Example 2: His new sneakers are "prettybeast," they are unique, stylish and the hottest I have seen in a long time.
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Characterizes an unattractive female to whom is sexually explicit.
In the movie "Norbit"- Resputia is the epitome of a pretty beast.

Damn, this pretty beast was at the club just straight throwin' that thang.

Dawg, all you do is get pretty beasts, its time to step up game bra.
by Amorpheous5 October 14, 2008
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