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Muscle that serves no purpose other than to look good. Most people who have pretty boy muscle are frat boys who spend about 2 hours in the gym "repping out."

Most people confuse these tools for possessing real strength which serves to give the "pretty boy" an ego boost.

Not everyone who is ripped or lean has "pretty boy muscle" as "pretty boy muscle" is an attitude as much as it is a look. You must be a tool to have pretty boy muscle.

Characteristics of "pretty boy muscle:"

1. Lots of cuts

2. The said person usually talks more about the supplements they are on rather than their actual training.

3. Frat Boy.

4. When benching, uses a spotter that assists in the lift usually followed by the spotter saying "Yo I didn't help at all" when he basically deadlifted the bar off said person's chest. This leads to an elevated sense of confidence in the lifter as he will usually say he benches more than he actually does.

5. Usually wearing a shirt with the sides completely cut out. You know what I'm talking about.

6. NEVER works legs. They usually say "I don't want my legs to get too big" or will make any excuse to not do legs.

7. Works out in a bathing suit.

8. Eats salad when going to a fast food restaurant.

9. Gels his hair before the gym.

10. NEVER goes heavy. Everything is in the 10 rep range.

11. Goes to FSU.

12. Oh yeah, did I say frat boy?
Person 1: "Yo Kyle looks pretty strong."

Person 2: "Nah, it's just that pretty boy muscle, he is actually really weak."

Notable people with "pretty boy muscle:"

The Situation

DJ Pauly D


Taylor Lautner (Ladies, don't even try to defend him)

Note: Will Smith does not qualify for "pretty boy muscle" as it is reported that he bench pressed 400+ pounds while filming I, Robot. This is strength. This puts him on par with Sylvester Stallone.
by UcF_Boiii March 22, 2011
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