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A boring little town about 8 miles away from Prescott, AZ. People don't do much in PV. Mostly just lay around and work. The vast and open fields are not much to lok at. The parties are plentiful and the beer flows rapidly. There are a couple neighboring cities that are just as small- Dewey, Humboldt, Mayer. It's not FUN to live there, but it's a place the 35,000 people have to cal home- willingly or not. Teenagers get bored very fast. School is no different. Bradshaw Mountain High School is shitty. People don't learn much, just enough to get by and get the superintendents their money. Its always fun going to school and being bored all day long.
Drive up from PHX about an hour and you can see Prescott Valley for yourself.
by lostinasmalltown June 21, 2008
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