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Well, where to begin. First W.A.S.P. are not the only preps in the world,there are also B.A.C.P.(black american christian preps)<-- I proclaimed us that myself. Second being preppy is NOT A TREND!! It is lifestyle. Im black, a prep, and no im not one of those ghetto acting black people either. I am just as prep as the next preppy person, but only darker. And no true preppy black person wears aeropostale, hollister, or even abercrombie and "Fitch". The guys where vineyard vines, Lacoste, L.L. Bean, Brooks Brothers, Topsiders, Cole Haans, Polos always popped, Ralph Lauren, and especially Patagonia(for when there filling sporty). And trust me the more monograms the better. For the Girls Lacoste, Polos always popped, Lilly,Topsiders, L.L. Bean, Vineyard vines,Nantucket red, Eliza B, J.Crew, C.K. Bradley is a MUST, and basicly any other preppy clothing you can think of,and less make-up the better. We are well educated meaning top of the line schools usually private and our families usually belong to the Jack and Jill of America Foundation. And we normally summer in nantucket or the cape. Being preppy gets me many stares but i love my lifestyle and will always be preppy! So when you see a true black prep tip your collar by letting them know being preppy is the ultimate way of life.

Our sports include: Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Crew, and basketball, and Football.

average look:
hair cut low to head
polo pref. doubled and popped
madras shorts

hair laying down w/ ribbon
pearls: earrings and necklace
pink lacoste popped
white vineyard vines skirt
white cashmere sweater tied
over shoulders
j.crew flops
vineyard vines tote
kate: HEY look at those black preppy girls!
ashley:where i dont see them?!...
kate: over there in the pink polos, they look so classy
ashley: yes they do, gurl

preppy blacks are the best!
by Black.Preppy.Princess January 29, 2008
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