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Someone that wears prep clothes and has the emotional status of someone whose emo. Sometimes you cant differentiate a prepemo from a regular prep because they arnt very exposed about their emoness. They sometimes will act really very much like a prep. But secretly they feel like dyeing. They are very secretive about their emoness and they really dont want anyone to know about it. It's their dirty dark secret that cant be exposed. So basically you might met tons of people who are prepemo's and you wont know. Unless their not watching themselves and they slip up with an emo comment. But that rarely happens because they're very good at hiding it. This could also include people who arnt exactly prep but they have a happy outer facade but are really depressed as hell inside. It's to bad that prepemo's are mistaken for prep's because they are a lot deeper, and less conceited. And actually have intelligent ideas, concepts, and thoughts, even though when they talk to most people they sound like prep idiots. Basically this is a very confusing and rare genre of people that you are likely not to meet and if you do you will most likely not even realize it!!!
yeah guys that party was frikin awesome i got so drunk. haha. yeah i definetly would tap laurens ass. haha she was so hot. (yeah only to bad i didnt drink myself to death. fuck everyone is so fake. i feel like im alone even when im surrounded by my "friends".)
I wear hollister by day and i cry to my depressed alone self at night when no ones there or listening of course. I must be prepemo.
by Alex the emopreploser!!!! June 09, 2006
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