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prep/artist/geek/emo. someone who wears preppy clothes, listens to emo music, tries hard and succeeds in school, and is artistic. a variation of preppy, emo, premo, geeky and premoangsta.
Duuude, I saw the hottest preparteekmo walking out of Hollister.
by randomocity27 October 23, 2006
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I was once one of the above desciption. Well I was more tomboy than preppy, but y'know I dressed like a normal person.

Generally your average emo before they develop an interest in the fashion/who denys their emoness like I once did.

Person one: preparteekmo? what the fuck does that mean?
PErson two: erm... well you see it's like someone who dresses like a prep, who listens to emo music, and is geeky and arti-
person one: u.uzzz *fallen asleep*
by anonno September 07, 2007
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