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like a prep, but a little more tendy, not as clean cut. they wear polos and things, but shop more at abercrombie than red vines, and things like that. theres definatly nothing wrong with this, prep lites love the beauty of preppiness, but arent as strict wih the "rules" many prep lites are so in highschool, mabey college, then grow into preps. both respect eachother and are friends, its a great thing. prep lites are found in the upper-middle class, as preps are found in high class. goths and punks of course, can not see the diffrence. standining people may call A&F people preps, and the preps should correct them nicely. its like diet coke to coke. preps play tennis, while lite preps are cheerleaders and football stars.
emo kid= gosh those prepe at abercrombie are horrible bitches for having money and friends and lives.

prep= first, a&f people are not preps, but their on theyre way and are really awesome people. and also, your a loser for even talking about anything involving the word prep.

prep lite= yeah you faggoty little emo kid. preps are like our big siblings, show some respect you drug addict freak.
by kccc =] May 14, 2007
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