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The process of inserting a penis into a vagina by mode of muscle contractions of the hip and pelvis between two unwed partners. Premarital insertion is usually but not necessarily accompanied by thrusting, premarital sex, and even rape.

To say that premarital insertion is sex would be to say that zombies and vampires are the same entity. Despite their "undead" quality, an intense desire for human flesh, and a heightened propensity for halitosis, these things do not necessitate that zombies are vampires are the same thing.

Likewise, premarital insertion can be just as unpleasurable and unfulfilling as the Star Wars prequels, unlike sex.

Premarital insertion is the slide into "fourth base" (a.k.a. a home run or fucking) without actually scoring.

A good premarital insertion analgous to that of Hitler's Blitzkrieg and the insertion of foreign troops can often induce a powerful union between two opposing powers such as that of the Soviets and the Americans or even a union of a man and a woman.

So... get married and have sex already!
Jonny: Premarital insertion could be rape, but it's not a sin.
Suzy: Really?
Jonny: Yeah.
Suzy: I'm still pressing chrages, you rapist!
by fanatic963 March 19, 2006
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