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The love relationship of Gold and Silver.
Gold and Silver are the 2 male characters in the Pokemon region Johto. They come from Pokemon Special manga.
Also known as preciousmetalshipping or huntershipping
Fangirl1: What's your favourite Pokemon Special shipping?
Fangirl2: Preciousmetal shipping!
Fangirl1: OMG ME TOO!
by ignoreme July 25, 2012
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an engagement/wedding ring

'special' metals worn on the hand, denoting the 'marking' of ones' (poss. same sex, NOW!!) 'territory'!!
jack was getting some special signals from jen, when he noticed precious metal on her finger.

jane went into the bar after removing her precious metal.

he tried to wow her with precious metal, but got the "bums' rush"
by michael foolsley October 30, 2012
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