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(n): a social event held at a fraternity with a sorority almost always on a tuesday or thursday night from the hours of 10:30-12:30pm. If a prebar is hosted on a saturday it is a tell tale sign that the fraternity flat out sucks. The prebar contains, but is is not limited to slapping the bag drink-offs, flip cup competitions, beer pong, and elevated surfaces holding up slutty dressed sorority girls in their 5 inch heels. There usually is no theme to a prebar, except sometime the theme of the drinks: Rainbow Shots, Tits and Tequilla, Bombs Away, etc. The event is the pregame to the bar and the pre pre game to the afterhours at the Fraternity soon there after.

Origins trace back to Syracuse University greek life scene were most fraternities host these events.

Maggie: What does our social schedule look like this week?

Brittney: The social listserve said we had a tuesday prebar at Psi U, prebar with DKE thursday, and parties at Phi Psi and Sig Chi this weekend.

Maggie: Omg yes, I love prebars at DKE. They always put bars in the jungle juice and it gets me sooo turnt.

Brittney: Omg same, but screw that tuesday prebar, lets just stay in and drink margaritas to the face.

Maggie: One-Hundo. Thank G we don't have some whack saturday prebar with TKE like last weekend. What am I a child..only allowed to party at a house for 2 hours on a weekend?

Brittney: Preach girl.
by Mr. GreekLife June 25, 2014
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