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Pravahi is a seemingly sweet girl, but once your friends with her there's no turning back. If she doesn't like you she'll talk behind your back, spread rumors that you had sex with someone else's boyfriend, and you don't even wanna know. If she DOES like you (which is almost impossible) she'll be super nice and awesome. And BTW she does act bitchy sometime. She is SUPER capable of backstabbing( a sport that girls enjoy playing). Mess it up once, its all over. If you think you are srysly better than her, your NOT. So, fuck off. Also, if someone she doesn't like goes anywhere near her (specifically chosen) friends she will do anything to get them away. If anyone talks behind her back, they're dead.(Its not like anyone dared to). Shes not as sweet as she seems. She can do anything she wants, just watch out.
ummmmmmmmm..................excuse me, its Pravahi, you don't use "it" in a sentence, you worship "it".
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by omg...Icanteven... March 09, 2018
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