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A term used for a car with so much horsepower and torque that its driveability and overall handling is impacted in a negative manner. Usually these cars are supercars or tuners; however, all muscle cars handle like barges to begin with, therefore this definition does not apply to them. Powerdrunk cars include the McLaren F1 and the GT1 Elise. Powerdrunk cars do not include Failborghinis, any Camaro or fat lion related car, or your Honda Shitic.
Powerdrunk cars have more horsepower than YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR, unlike your VTEC.
by stiffshifter October 27, 2010
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words used together to describe a powerful car that seams to be untameable.
That Cerbera Speed 12 is a damn power drunk car, you can't even keep it in a strait line when only pushing the pedal half way down.
by TunerFocus October 26, 2010
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A term used to describe a person who becomes so drunk that he or she accomplishes feats that they normally cannot do when they are sober.
Lee: Dude! Disco was so wasted that he ended up pushing his car all the way home last night!

Vince: He's a true power drunk!

Steve was so power drunk that he tried to stop a cab with his bare hands!!
by H.Millz June 10, 2010
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