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1. Someone who attempts to become part of a subculture or part of society without the beliefs of such.

2. A term commonly used to describe someone who pretends to be something they aren't.

3. To perpetrate a fraud.

This term was adapted in the late '70 during the rise of Punk music. It was commonly used to describe someone who dressed punk for fashion purposes and not for the beliefs within this subculture. In the late '80's this slang was adopted by skaters and metal heads in reference to people pretending to be a part of their subculture to look cool.

In the '90's Pousure became misspelled as apart of a generation with no identity searching for an identity that became one based upon themes borrowed from many in the past.

1. Green Day isn't a REAL punk band, they are a bunch of Pousures.

2. That kid can't skate, he's a Pousure.

3. He doesn't listen to punk music, he's a trendy Pousure.

by Malphas May 27, 2008
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