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1. n. - any woman's large posterior (note: not just the ass) which is "sprinkled", well-incorporated, to rife with cellulite(aka cottage cheese); it sometimes running down the back of the thigh, calf, and cankles...also above the waist on the severely depressing; not necessarily a death sentence if they meet a guy that enjoys the nuanced texture of a matured and bountiful topography

2. variant: n. - "sweetpotato cobbler" - for those that wish to make a racial or skin-tone distinction between one type of cobbler and another
I ate through that potato cobbler like I was on death row!

I was at the beach and some SSBBWs, BBWs and their comparatively petite frump and plumper friends were all in bikinis...a total potato cobbler buffet. ...and I dug in. Back for thirds, even.
by sadjitarius March 23, 2008
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