The activity in the sport of rowing where-by a crew, athlete or club selects the events in which they compete on the basis of how likely they are to win. So-called because of the peuter or glass pots (drinking vessels) which are traditionally presented to the winners of rowing events.

It allows competitors to achieve the 'success' of a win by mearly finding an event of low enough standard for them to win be able to win. This effectively under-mines the notion that "to win, one must train hard and achieve a high standard". For this reason the practice of pot-hunting is generally looked-down upon by the rowing community, where hard-work, dedication and selflessness are valued attributes.

In everyday life it would be akin to only making sexual approaches to ugly or slutty girls/boys, so as to be sure of success.
Adam, the only reason you want to enter York (poor quality Regatta in North-east U.K.) is because you're pot-hunting!!!
by WG Grace May 31, 2007
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