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The sinking feeling of silent crisis received when finished with a really good book, story, or possibly a story-oriented video game. Symptoms include:

1.) Revaling in the enjoyment gained, followed by blank staring and feelings of emptiness
2.) The extreme urge to simply lie on the floor face-down and do nothing with your now pointless self
3.) Consistent pondering on what the heck you're supposed to do now.
4.) Lacking the want to start another project without maximum hype because nothing could replace the joy you were immersed in.

Most cases can be solved through quiet pondering and forcing yourself to find another outlet

In extreme cases, talk through it with a pal: Discuss the ups and downs, how it affected you, ultimately helping yourself move on. There's other things that will come into your life and give you that sense of wonder!
1: What are you doing?
2: Wallowing in self-pity. I finished that book and now I am nothing.
1: Dude, I went through postreadum depression too, after I finished Portal 2. Don't worry, it'll get better
by the_laziest_bone January 25, 2017
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