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That lingering moment directly following self-induced ejaculation where the porno you are watching, which only seconds before bestowed great arousal, suddenly becomes revolting, disturbing, or downright weird.

Almost never happens pre-orgasm. Could be attributable to hormonal changes in the brain following climax, or simply be due to the fact that you came at the right moment, i.e. before stuff got gross. Also referred to as post-load odium.

1. Porno depicts attractive people engaging in consensual sex
2. You become tumescent/engorged, initiate self-pleasure
3. Porno continues, perhaps becoming slightly kinkier
4. You climax, shuddering and expelling fluid everywhere
5. Porno remains on due to personal exhaustion/messy hands
6. You watch, either out of laziness, boredom, or curiosity
7. Porno actress has hot, sticky semen shot unceremoniously onto her face, which is then formed by several suddenly-appearing clowns into a rather convincing Colonel Sanders mustache, which they then supplement by adding a spunk-white tuxedo of their own jizzign.
8. Post-lust disgust kicks in: you stand up and turn off your computer
by prydemanz July 24, 2012
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