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a concept or initiative meant to embrace the mentality of an individual living in a social climate where the Kardashian obsession is no longer a phenomenon but the influence of the family's best qualities are apparent

a paradigm shift where the collective attention focused on the family is redirected onto us, permitting us a uniquely large shared head space to be filled with our sincerest personal stories in ways that popular culture contrives and deprives us of

re-appropriating the kardashian brand as a means of queering the platform and shedding visibility on less privileged identities
Friend 1: Did you see the final part of the Bruce interview last night?
Friend 2: Naw, but did you see another trans woman of color was brutally murdered for no reason again last night?
Friend 1: woah, i hadn't heard, that's pretty post-kardashian

Friend A: Are you a member of the facebook group /inb4/?
Friend B: the one where all the queer underground DIY netkids, artists, musicians n creatives share selfies celebrating their taboo?
Friend A: yah that one
Friend B: word i am, hella post-kardashian millenials in there
by littleprincest May 26, 2015
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