A post-dank meme can refer to dank memes that were created after the initial wave of dankness in 2016. Memes such as the wave of Steamed Hams edits (despite this having been a meme for as long as the episode it's in has existed) that arose during late 2017 and early 2018 which took remixing to a whole new level that was possibly influenced by the Nutshack/We Are Number One days, Drake and Josh stuck in a treehouse, and 'but you're in a bathroom at a party' can be considered post-dank.

The post-dank era possibly emerged in early-mid 2017 in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election which saw labelled dank memes such as Pepe emerge into the mainstream (which is honestly not good for dank memes) after a year or two of montage parodies slowly becoming attached to the term.

The initial 2016 dank meme wave officially came to a close with the death of Stefan Karl in 2018, whose LazyTown character Robbie Rotten came to have spearheaded the peak of the wave in 2016. He has left a legacy which had a pretty good influence on post-dank memes and with the Nutshack popularized 'but' meme edits in which a certain repeated word/event is replaced with something else which served as the basis for many countless other movie/show songs/themes/scenes to be given the same treatment.
Person 1: You know steamed hams?
Person 2: Yea?
Person 1: I reckon it's not a dank meme but rather a post-dank meme.
by THE CRINGIEST MAN EVER November 28, 2018
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