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post dudesim is a movement started by Mr McAwesome and Big D at the University of Hyderabad.
dudeism to post dudeism
by Big D the last August 05, 2011
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Post Dudeism is a movement started at the University of Hyderabad by His Awesomeness Mr McAwesome and Big D. This movement has got nothing to do with Dudeism. When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one group people to move beyond the established norms and ways, the natural choice is to form a movement which is ahead of time. This need was felt by many people, though McAwesome and Big D were the first ones to start this movement. Started as a social networking group, this movement has fans and followers all over the world.
Don't cry like man. We're in the age of post dudeism. Be a a post dude.
by Mammu August 11, 2011
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