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Pronounced POSE-ster. What hipsters really are. Though they put on the airs of being members of the illuminati (see the definition of hipster in Urban Dictionary), they are really just clones, wearing a uniform that is no different that any other, expresses no individuality, and is screaming hypocrisy. They have taken over previously cool neighborhoods like the Mission District in San Francisco. Though their clothing appears from a thrift shop, it is really from a 'vintage' clothing store, at best, or an over-priced chic shop trafficking in poser wear. Though they want to appear free thinking, they gravitate toward sameness. Their obsession with the latest e-gadgetry exemplifies their vacuous nature. Though they claim to be into a simple existence, they have driven up the cost of housing in previously cool urban areas. Though they work in Silicon Valley or similar areas, they 'reverse commute' in plush e-busses FROM the City. They are the same as preppy yuppies from the early 80's, just a different uniform, so their hypocritical nature makes them 'posesters.'
I really miss living in the City. So much to do, nooks and crannies, just a great mix of all kinds of folks.

Ya, me, too. But I had to leave, it has really changed. The posesters have taken over. Even the Mission. It's like Cow Hollow now, just in drab.

No . . . !!!!
by The Original Tankboy February 14, 2014
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