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Though there are a wide variety of "posers" in poserworld, the objective is simple: a person picks a celebrity and then "poses" or pretends to be that said celebrity. Throughout their time of "posing" (on myspace with 'legit' celebrity myspaces they create), posers become friends with other posers.

Essentially, it started out with teenagers who obsessed over the Jonas brothers and other Disney related celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. They created myspaces claiming to be their celebrity of choice and there are still those who continue to "pose" today
85% of the poserworld population has admitted they were fake, come out and told their friends who they are, and still reside on myspace talking to each except they still use fake pictures (knowingly this time) and change their myspace names to their actual names.

Poserworld consists of formsprings they write in, tumblrs they create and bashing site drama from secrets and fake gossip being spilled around, creating tension and laughter from those involved and not involved.

It is an addicting place where once you come in as a young innoccent child between the age of 11-13, you still sit on the computer from age 14-18, stuck and attached to all your closest friends you meet on there.

There is poserworld dating, best friendship, and enemies.

Overall, we're all pretty much hypocrites and say we hate the place more and more everyday but still sit talking to everyone who is stuck in it too.
Selena Gomez poser's status: hey guys, my album just came out! thanks for the support xoxo
Nick Jonas poser's comment: hey i miss you we should hang out soon
Miley Cyrus poser's comment: omg ya we all should asap miss you miss gomez <333

^ old generation of poserworld

Justin Bieber: hey guys my world 2.0 came out today! thanks for supporting =
Jasmine V: can't wait to see you today xoxo

^ new generation of poserworld
by dhfkhksjfhdkjhfkjl February 19, 2011
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