a town in florida where there is nothing to do but fuck, talk shit, get drunk / do drugs & shop. 90% of the people that live there are douchebags and start drama cuz there is nothing better to do. on a regular basis, you will hear it's residents saying, "Fuck PSL!" oh, and the Mets Spring Training is held there.
girl: "someone is spreading rumors about me..."
boy: "what did you expect? you live in port saint lucie."
by queenbevil June 20, 2008
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Port Saint Lucie(PSL) is one of the most boring cities in Florida. Nobody there is interesting or fun. The most fun you can have in PSL is The Mets Spring Training but they are only in the city for a month and everything else is old people and golf. The only sort of fun you can have is at the local DEFY or Urban Air. Overall, don't go to PSL unless you are a retired white guy who likes golf.
"Hey where do you want to go"
"Port Saint Lucie!!!"
by georgewashington1776 May 18, 2023
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