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A town where the population never changes. One girl gets pregnant one man leaves town. It's been this way for more years than I have been alive! A town run by the old folks and pissed on by the young. Once you get here you might as well consider yourself a lifer. There's no way out. Weed is sold on just about every street and the most popular place (besides the beach) is the LCBO. Everyone here gets laid! "Secret affairs" aren't so secret when the whole town knows your business. Omg let's not forget the waste of millions of dollars that could have went to hundreds of things to build up this area and bring in businesses and popularity! Why do all this when we can have a submarine that is rusting to all fuck from the shitty paint job done to it. And lets not forget to over charge the fuck out of the tour price so that barely anyone cares to see it. Just a complete waste of money leaving the residents to fit the bill! The older folks running the town bring in the worst entertainment possible these days definately feel like the town is only catered to the elderly and then they wonder why younger and new families don't show up for fun anymore. At least if you go to the right place the fish is good.
Let's go to Port Burwell and laugh at the $6 million rusting submarine.

At least the booze, weed and fish are plentiful here.
It's summer time lets go fuck our neighbors and tourists after we pick up a baggy and a bottle.
by catchinmine January 11, 2017
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