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The act of sucking a dick with pop rocks in your mouth. Extremely hot.
Man: Make me a sandwich!
Woman: Shut the fuck up before I POP ROCK YO DICK!

A song by Rachel Lewis, Melanie Willing, Sarah Unger and Ryann Riggs:
"So you sittin in the club and you see another guy
You know you have a boyfriend but you're feeling pretty high
You wanna do somethin new so you pull out your pop rocks
And then ya put it to use on that random guys cock

Pop rock yo dick
Pop rock yo dick
Put on the goo and ya make it so slick
Put on the pop rocks and pop it in yo mouth
An' ya suck it all night till ya wanna pass out

So now you're back home, ya man's sittin' on the couch
He asks you for head and ya just wanna slouch
Cuz ya sucked another dick and he said OUCH
Don't sweat it tho yo man will neva find out


So his guys come over they're playin' some games
Then rolls up that random man named James (Is that the man from da clubb?!?!)
They all wanna try out something new
So they pull out some pop rocks and experiment too


Oh shit that hurt, I'm feelin' pretty weak
But hell we should try it again next weekrachel r
by poprockyodick July 10, 2009
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