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1. Female (chick) proud to be in a computer (pooter) job
2. Geek girl who rips apart or builds computers for fun
3. Gamer with lady parts
4. Woman of remarkable achievement in the world of computer science
5. Big cheese or inventress for an IT or technology company

Female hardware and software engineers, technical support and network analysts, database administrators, internet marketers, SEO gurus, e-commerce and web developers, programmers and computer scientists are all pooterchicks.
I'm a pooterchick. I do cool stuff with pooters. Got a lot more RAM than you think and an ultra-capable CPU.

Famous pooterchicks:
- Mary Lee Woods (mummy to Tim Berners-Lee)
- Sophie Wilson (designed Acorn computer)
- Carly Fiorina (ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard)
- Meg Whitman (ex-CEO of Ebay)
by seogeekbabe August 06, 2011
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