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24 Girls, One Aim - Having It Supersized

They Live By These Few Simple Rules

1. If it’s offered, take it (sexual or otherwise)
2. Stick to the itinerary
3. Protect your buddy
4. Mix your drinks
5. In the wise words of Michael Jackson, “don’t stop till you get enough”
6. Freshen up your poonani
7. Skirts short, heels high
8. Share and share alike (no dibs)
9. If you’re gonna do it, do it: No semi porkings
10. Morals will only hold you back.
11. Free House = Free Pussy
12. NEVER oblige a get down
13. Always Get A Souvenir
14. in the words of DMX 'if you don't wanna party then yo ass gotta go'
15. And above all: No Glove, No Love

(see also 'Pootang Invasion')
'That Pootang Clan is just a big bunch of skets'
'No, they just have it the largest, I wanna roll with those hot chicas!'
by Con, Esme, Lizzie November 27, 2007
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