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Poopsiedoodles= A piece of art made of poop. Often loved by the disgusting. Can be priced around $200000000000000000000 cheap!
Person 1:Wow, look at that, an original poopsiedoodles, by Random Person!
Person 2: Wow! Don't see that every day!
Person 1: You can still smell the rotten poop *sniff*
Person 2: Ah, yes. I do love a nice poop smell in the home.
Person 1: Oh yes, yes, I use a poop air freshener
Person 2: Me too. I'm always well stocked up on poop aerosols.
Person 1: Want to go for a nice glass of poop?
Person 2: Oh, no, no, I much prefer urine, It's more.... refreshing
Person 1: Ah yes, yes, It is rather hot in here.
Person 2: Oh, but I love this piece of poopwork.
Person 1: Yes, yes, I shall ask the owner how much it is.
Person 1: Sir, SIr, SIR, SIIIIIIR!!!
Owner: Yes.
Person 2: How much is this grand piece of poopwork?
Person 1: Yes, how much?
Owner: $200000000000000000000
Person 2: How cheap!
Person 1: We shall pay half each
Both: *Take a large wad of cash from pockets*
Owner: Thank You
by Groggerumpus fumperz February 08, 2014
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