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(noun). a poop cavern is the subsequent result of expelling feces from your rectum and then minutes later, having finished your initial poop, the need to expel more poop arises.

the 'cavern' effect proceeds after the initial poop, such that you experience a reoccurred in your desire to poop. this second need to expel waste material must come by complete surprise, as intentional poop caverning would undermine the whole unexpected quality that makes it worth noting in the first place.

the term cavern is used because of the similarity between this two step pooping method and how a cavern, filled with a material, would react once said material was emptied. you first poop, releasing all the loose material in the cavern (your bowels), then the roof of the cavern 'collapses' (your bowels contract) after you thought it was empty.
"well I first took a shit, wiped and got up. thinking I was finished I left the washroom to its own devices only to discover, moments later, that I must shit again. I thought I was all done in there but it turns out it was just a 'poop cavern'.
by Dickolas October 14, 2010
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